Friday, April 9, 2010

thought of the day.

have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do? well i was seriously questioning my decision as to why i was sitting in my ethics class this morning. i think it was quite possibly the most pointless class i have been to. and i quote, "to be virtues, is to have virtue and that would evolve by having all the particular virtues that there are" and "what is it to be patient? It is to act as a patient person acts" really? thank you captain obvious. it was really hard for me not to burst out in laughter in class today...

oh, and i am basically famous now. i am on Taylor Swifts website!!!! (for maybe .2 seconds ha) check it out... challenge #1 is complete and they are now waiting to get challenge #2! ( ). the guys also made it onto CMT and have been doing tons of radio interviews... its so crazy! and just incase you dont see me, i am in the back on the 2nd time they cross the street... i am so proud


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