Friday, April 9, 2010


what a day. my shenanigans is already over. this is how it went down...

I got a friend at wofford to call my target and they got their dorm building and room number, it was genius. (this is after i had already figured out what my target was doing from 1 to 5:45 today and with who and who he was eating lunch with at the exact time and place.... i did my homework) so i go to the dorm and my target had stinkin' body guards. so i shot them when they opened the door and not him so we went into a 1 hour draw meaning i couldn't shoot him for an hour. but as i walked to my class after that my assassin came up behind me and "killed" me. so i am done with my shenanigans. i am actually really sad because it was so fun

as far as my friend that is about to be famous... ( ) they filmed their response to Taylor Swift's challenge today and I went with one of my great friends. so i may be on T-Swifts website!! i went a little crazy... embarrassing.

Dad you will appreciate this... my BEST friend in the whole world got back yesterday and i was SO excited! it was so neat getting to hear about all her cool adventures and see the pictures. it was also cool because i realized just how much she means to me. i love friendship but especially hers. anyways.. so last night i was at her house and i met 2 of her friends and by the end of the night i had gotten them to believe that my Dad was in the CIA and that he also flies fighter jets and other planes and that I was in a plane crash with him onetime. I also had them believing that through my Dad i am good friends with Gerard Butler and that my Dad basically started the TV show Lost. They also though i had been to 21 different countries... it was great. Funny thing is, they still think all that... oops!

On a more serious note, I learned some neat stuff about the Lord today. I am going through the book, "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands" by Paul David Tripp. (I highly recommend it.) In it he says,

"Sin is fundamentally idolatrous. I do things because my heart desires something more than the Lord... This is the great spiritual war beneath every battle of behavior--the war for control of the heart... What we worship determines our responses to all our experiences. Sin is much more than doing the wrong thing. It begins with loving, worshiping, and serving the wrong thing."

i began to try to think of what other things i worship. it was pathetic. Makeup, fashion, style in general, grades, success, acceptance, fun... and it was basically in that order. if that doesn't show the sin in my heart i dont know what does. Paul was so right when he talked about wanting to do good, but sin being right there. no wonder my walk with the Lord is hard, look at how many other things my heart is desiring. i want the Lord to be the one desire of my heart. those other things should be worship, but right now they are idols.

random tidbit about me is that i love me some christian rap and Tedashii says it so well in his song Make War...

"I make war cause sin never sleeps. it's got me in a trance, you can see it in my dreams. I make war, man i beat my flesh the the death, every breath, like a beat my chest...."

and John Piper said, "I hear so many christians murmuring about their imperfections, and their failures, and their addictions, and their short-comings. And I see so little war! Murmur, murmur, murmur... why am I this way? MAKE WAR!"

This is the mindset i want to have. i want to make war against my sinful heart. i want to fight to make Christ the desire of my heart. i want to take up the armor of God and go to battle every day so that Christ can be glorified through my imperfections and through my failures and through my addictions and through my short-comings.

I see now that my sin isn't something to be guilted or haunted by. No, instead it should be a daily reminder of the unconditional love of Christ and his demonstration of that on the cross. My sin is a constant reminder that without Christ i am nothing. So i am free of the shame and guilt that comes with sin and am now enable to RUN to Christ freely and joyfully saying 'here is my dirty, broken, and unworthy heart. take it and mold it to yours. purify my heart o God' and he does. i love the freedom that is found in Christ.

"...but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. so that, as sin reigned in death, grace might also reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
Romans 5: 20-21


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