Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i went home the other day just for the night and got to do one of my favorite things. i have done this with my dad a couple times growing up, but it had been a while.

we were supposed to have "horrible weather" which only consisted of 1 strike of lightening and like 3 leaves maybe fell. but anyways, for this "tornado" me and my brothers went out on the porch and just hung out. it was so much fun to get to just enjoy listening to them. they always have such entertaining stories.

my dad joined us later and told us all kinds of stories from his childhood. those stories are my
favorites to listen to regardless of how many times i have heard them.

for many reasons, anytime i am with my brothers and dad we always listen to Drive-By Truckers. they are kinda like our family band. so while we were all out there is only seemed fitting to listen to "Tornados" by them. now, every time i listen to that song, my mind and my heart go back to that night and think on what an incredible night it was and how at home i felt. being with my family (usually, ha) puts me at such ease and in such a peaceful mood. i love you each so much!


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