Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i have been stru-guh-ling when it comes to this here blog! life has gotten pretty crazy this past month in a half. there have been very specific reasons for each QOTW that i have chosen for Jan/Feb and as soon as the GRE is over on friday and i get back in town, i am getting caught up on all the things that i love... one being this blog. so, though i know none of yall (whoever 'yall' is) aren't, like, on the edge of your big comfy chair just dying to see what i have to say... i am! because i never know till i sit down. so, i will return with a stellar post to make up for my absence... for the sake of none other than my own head.

oh man arent you pumped?!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

decades. who needs em?

more so than usual, people have been telling me that i was born in the wrong decade. i have literally gotten this comment about 9 times just this week. and, frankly, i agree.

why couldn't i have dressed in ridiculous layers with colored hair at a cyndi lauper concert?!

or i mean, really? this is what my hair looks like when i wake up. things just would have been so much easier.

or even just a hippie so i could wear tye-dye every day with a million braids and feathers in my hair.

heck, i'd settle to be Pocahontas too.

until then, i will thrive off of dress-up parties and pinterest to quench my desire for fringe, tye-dye, feathers, and all things neon.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


instead of looking at confusion, im choosing to see joy.
im in the noonday and dont even know it...