Tuesday, April 13, 2010


i have had such a busy week and it is only tuesday night.

there is the thing called procrastination that loves to take over my life. im trying to get better at it, but in the battle of abby vs procrastination-it is A=0 P=13. for reals.

i really don't like to plan ahead. i absolutely love living in the moment. i was explaining to a lady i meet with today that this is where i really have problems with some people. to me, life is SO much more fun if you just go with the flow. it is the unexpected "bumps in the road" that bring excitement and adventure into life. if i was to try to micromanage my life, i would never get to do half the things that i have done. i love spontaneity and i hope that i never have to live without that in my life. but i am slowly realizing that not all people are like that. some people find enjoyment in planning and in making sure that everything goes smoothly. even though i do not see how that is fun, to some people, it is!

that being said, i am learning alot about how important it is to plan ahead. and to remember those plans ha. for example, today i was supposed to eat lunch with 3 different people. all of which i forgot about... i am realizing that i really do need more organization in my life.

(so funny story, speaking of unexpected "bumps in the road"... i wrote all that ^^ last night and was interrupted to go on a mini road trip to get donuts and other random stuff... such a fun night! but waking up this morning was not so fun.)

so now i am trying to make my self write EVERYTHING down. everything. and i am really hoping this will pay off.


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