Friday, April 9, 2010


I never realized how excited I would get about a single game! The name is Shenanigans and I am obsessed. I am involved with a group called RUF on campus and tonight at midnight a "get to know you" type game is being started. You are assigned one person that you have to hunt and someone else that hunts you. And to "kill" that person you have to douse them with a water gun. EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING is fair game!

Just so you know how into I am... my watergun has a strap. It shoots 25 feet. I. am. pumped.

So for the next 2 weeks I will be living my life completely paranoid and lugging around a massive watergun EVERYWHERE...

It's really funny though. Because of this, I blocked my whole facebook, changed my picture, and my name... All so that I can hide my identity. This has been a huge confidence booster though because people seem to be genuinely concerned that most of my facebook has disappeared. I love it. I feel like tomorrow is christmas. I will definitely keep you up to date on all my shenanigans.


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