Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thank goodness.

you know how sometimes you just need to get away and clear your head? well, one of the (numerous) perks of college is.... you can. so, i did. i called up a good friend, grabbed my precious baby angle a.k.a my camera, and hit the road...

this is my favorite one... the fact that it was raining only added to my perfect get away. it made the music playing just that much better...

after we left our friendly little cows, we were driving and stumbled across this glorious little hide away that we will MOST DEFINITELY be visiting again!

and, HOLY ANALOGIES my head was spinning.

i love shooting with people that get the whole analogies side of things. we had so many awesome talks as we were taking pictures about why we love each one we took and what we were thinking about each one... i love it when someone else just gets it.

we wrapped the night up at my sweet Aunt BeBe's house, in rocking chairs, eating some homemade chili, listening to the rain and just relaxing. seriously the most perfect thing i could have asked for!

i am so thankful for so many things. for my awesome parents and their wisdom, my legit friends and their love, my rockstar of a family and their support, my bad-a camera and its perfection, my itunes and its soothingness (because yes, thats a word), and my apartment for its hominess. and so, so, so, soooo much more.



  1. Ok Abs, those picture are rocking my socks off! What kind of a camera do you have and what lenses were you using? Fantastic.

  2. Sooo i am just now seeing this? but i have a rebel T1i and i used a 50mm that day! and, Thank you!