Monday, November 14, 2011

get. in. my. belly.

to wrap up the end of our semester, my bible-study girls came over and we had a thanksgiving/christmas party! and every person in the world needs to make these... they are to. die. for.

here is the recipe. i recommend cooking it with friends, for some reason it made them even better!

of course we had to get in the christmas spirit with a little bieber christmas fever!

so i copped out on the feel-super-domestic-and-make-everything-from-scratch thing and bought pre-made cream cheese frosting... SO GOOD.

they were so pretty! even without the frosting!

but O.M.G. with the frosting, they are heavenly!

like i said, they seem to taste better when made with friends, so i highly recommend you get some friends, get some mix, and get some music, and get cookin'!


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