Wednesday, November 23, 2011

meatballs and pinterest.

this whole semester me and some of my international friends have been wanting to get together and cook authentic "where you came from" meals. so, last week we started with Turkey! my sweet friend Burcu (i call her "B" because i cannot pronounce her name correctly ha) came and cooked us a DELICIOUS* meal! it is her mom's secret recipe and is SO GOOD.

i loved getting to watch the different techniques and ingredients that they use!

this is Mika (on the Left) and she is from Japan, and the Burcu (on the Right) who is from Turkey!

while we were eating, they started asking questions about american weddings and engagement rings. they did not understand why the engagement ring was such a big deal... Mika asked "so, american girls, you marry for ring? not man?" i laughed pretty hard, because sadly... sometimes i think girls idolize the actual wedding so much that they look over big flags in the relationship.

we had so much fun explaining the wedding process from each of our countries together. they wanted to see pictures.... so OF COURSE i pulled up pintrest (maybe a greater procrastination tool than facebook) and showed them pin-board after pin-board of wedding stuff. they LOVED it and i am proud to say that there are now 2 more pinners in this world :)

i am so unbelievably thankful for these two! we also had 2 other friends come over, but by then we were having so much fun hanging out, that we forgot to take pictures!

Burcu is coming with my family for thanksgiving and will be in for quite the surprise... we are headed to good ole Carbon Hill for the day and she is in for a big taste of southern cookin' and country livin'!! pictures to come for. sure.


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