Thursday, January 20, 2011

makin' my day.

i wish this poem had picked a more poetic or meaningful word than success... maybe joy...
"Success is speaking words of praise In cheering other peoples ways In doing just the best you can With every task and every plan. It's silence when your speech would hurt. Politeness when your neighbor's curt. It's deafness when the scandal flows  and sympathy with other's woes It's loyalty when duty calls It's courage when disaster falls It's politeness when the hours are long It's found in laughter and in song. It's in the silent time of prayer  In happiness and in despair in all of life and nothing less  
We find the thing we call success"- unknown
although it is kind of cheesy, i think its a great little poem with alot of truth to it.. 
I got to experience this on numerous accounts this week, but one being very special and dear to my heart. my sweet little brother Luke wrote a poem about me. it brought tears to my eyes when i read it. 
(im posting it, not to brag on myself at all, but to show what kind of heart Luke has. Sweet, innocent, caring, and genuine.)
"She's loud and funny, my only true girl.
yet peacfull and caring, my favorite person in the world.
the only one who stood by me through my ups and downs,
my sister abby turns my frowns upside down.
shes a flower in a sidewalk,
shes one of a kind.
seeing her is stunning, it blows your mind.
she never backs down from a challenge,
like a phoenix rising from the fire.
knocked down, she gets back up, and always flys higher.
she'll never let me go and will always love me,
shes the person i want to be, and always will be..."
bud, you're amazing. 
i think wether willing to admit it or not, man or woman, everyone wants to know how deeply they are loved. i know i do. everyone wants to know that they mean something to someone, that they are treasured by someone, or that someone would give anything in the world to just be with them.  
"I want it to be inconvenient; I want to sacrifice my life for it. 
I want the kind of love that wakes me up at 3am. 
I want love that hurts, love that I have to work for.
 I want love that tests me.
 I want the kind of love that's hard to find, and hard to keep and never easy.
 I want the kind of love where you get hurt. 
I want love that makes me cry.
 I want to hold on even if it takes me through my worst nightmare.
 But most of all I want the kind of love that's worth it. 
I want love."

this is on one of my friends favorite quotes. just this. i've blogged about it before... love. everyone wants to feel it. to experience it. to be affected by it. just like my little brother did, i think we should take more time out of our day to show the people that we really love just how much they mean to us. when Luke did, it brought me to tears and made me feel so special, so happy, so fulfilled. everyone needs that in their life. he made my day.. thanks for that, bud. i love you so much.

(sorry the spacing is screwed up... i dont know whats wrong with it.) 

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