Thursday, January 27, 2011

they're grrrrrreat.

last night we had a pot-luck dinner at my house with some ZTA's. so. much. fun. sweet little alex cooked us some really good spaghetti and meatballs... mmmmm it was so good!

while she was busy doing that, hyper little ana was busy being artsy and taking lots of pictures while keep the tunes blaring and entertaining us all! (aren't they cute sisters?!)

this is alex showing off her cooking skills...

and jessica being all domestic...

annnd katie and i.. well... eating.

the food was so good! i'm definitely going to have to get her recipe!

once it was all cooked and mixed together, we just put it over spaghetti and had a blast...

also, the other night at girls night, i was introduced to a new game. so i introduced it to the group of girls last night and i have not laughed that hard in a while! its this fun game where you write questions and then answers and then everything gets all mixed up and its just hilarious. (great explination, i know)

so. later that night....

bailey, leigh, and i were sitting on leighs bed, talking about life. you know, the usual... and while we were talking, we began reminicing about freshman year and how care free we were. and it hit us, we are old. old juniors in college. who sit around and worry about life after college and grades. we are no longer care-free, spontaneous, nothing-matters-but-fun, freshman! so. we decided to change that... even if it was just for one night.

we drove to a very sketchy mexican restaurant simply to get chips and salsa, guacamole, and some sweet tea. we're crazy!! we know. (that is leigh and baileys 'we are going to die' faces)

and bailey and i's 'we are starving' faces... gorgeous.

this was the yummy chicken quesadilla that our wonderful waiter said was the best thing on the whole menu.

(side note: if that is the best thing on their WHOLE menu... tells ya how sketchy the place was!)

leigh with her favorite restaurant....

annnd bailey with her favorite...

we will definitely be going back for more. the men there loved my singing and told me i had very nice vibrato. because, yes, i did sing opera.

i am so thankful for all these friends. they're, like tony the tiger would say, grrrrrreat!


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