Sunday, January 23, 2011

nom nom.

this weekend was full of fun!! kanon came to visit me in auburn and i decided it'd be fun to cook for him. i used the cookbook my sister gave my for christmas and got a yummy pizza recipe! (and, linds, you'd be so proud of me! instead of using white flour, i used organic whole wheat flour!)

it was so much fun to make this. i made the dough, kneaded it out, let it rise, chopped all the veggies... i had an absolute blast doing it!

the colors were so pretty! i wish i had gotten my camera earlier so i could have taken pictures of the dough being made and rising. i felt like freakin' betty crocker.

i will admit though, i made a couple mistakes. im not the perfect cook yet. in the cook book it said 1 Lb 2oz of flour. well, i didnt know how to convert Lbs to cups so that i could measure it. so instead of logically realizing that my bag of flour was 2 Lbs so i should just put a little over half the bag, i tried to mathematically solve it. this didn't work at all because i ended up deciding the 1 lb 2 oz of flour is equivalent to 1 cup. AM I DUMB!? well, it still didnt dawn on me that what i was doing was COMPLETELY wrong... so i kept going. the 'dough' looked like soup. the cookbook said "stir till texture changes to a dough like consistency" so i just stirred my little heart out...

it wasn't until about 10 min later that my stupidity dawned on me, and i saw that the soup was just getting soupier. so i fiiiinally realized i needed to add more flour and then we were good to go. amateur mistake #1.

the second mistake i made was that i didnt read where it said the dough recipie was enough for 2, 12 in. pizza's. so i used all that dough to make 1, 10 in. pizza. needless to say it was a REALLY crusty pizza!

however, it was so good!! there were sautéed mushrooms, chopped red and green peppers, green and purple onion, black and green olives, and mozzarella cheese! i am so proud:)

pizza wasn't the only fun thing that happened this weekend either. the next night a group of girls had a bunch of us over for a mexican fiesta! they cooked tacos, homemade guacamole, and more... the food was delish and the fellowship was great too. we also saw No Strings Attached... im not recommending anyone go see it, but i was laughing SO hard. not the best family film though! I also got to have a super fun girls night with some great friends and just enjoy their company and laugh a whole lot. and to top off this great weekend, i got to hear a great sermon at my church and be so challenged by it. and lastly i ate a $30 lunch (just mine was $30. when i say nom nom, i mean noooom nooooom!!) at my most favorite restaurant in all of auburn with kanon, katie, and iz.

i have had such a fun weekend full of great food, friends, and a whole lot of laughter. now back to the reality of school...


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