Wednesday, March 9, 2011

rain rain, stay.

theres something about rainy days that are so whimsical.
i love them. they make you have to slow down.
they inconvenience you, but its almost an enjoyable inconvenience.
i love them.

most people say rain, rain, go away... but i want it to stay. even if it is just for the day.
and i want to relax, nap, and be cozy!

to enjoy this rainy day, i put on my favoritest, warmest socks...

(clearly im not the only one in our house that feels this way)

make my favorite cup o' tea...

turn on my rainy day playlist...

and just relax.

there really isn't much better...
until reality hits and i remebmer that i have 2 tests
and have to get back to this....



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