Thursday, March 3, 2011

blood vessels and atriums.

theres this old song, and goes a little something like this...

"hate is a strong word. but i really, really, really, dont like you.."

well, im going to use that strong word, go out on a limb and say, biology- i hate you. i am not a good tester. i am actually VERY bad at taking test. i study a ridiculous amount of hours and then FREAK OUT when i get to the test and then cant remember anything i studied. seriously. i will be able to explain everything to people when i study with them but give me the test and its like i have never seen the material before.

well, tomorrow i have 2 tests. but, one is biology.

did you know that when blood goes through your heart it goes from the right atrium, to the tricuspid, and then to the right ventricle? but, wait, wait, if i am asked 'where does blood go after passing through the right atrium?' i am to put the right ventricle. but, didnt i just say that it has to go through the tricuspid first? no silly, it only passes BY the tricuspid and goes THROUGH to the ventricle. duhhhh.


and did you know that amylase in the pancreas breaks starch down into maltose. BUT the small intestine is where sucrose is broken down even though all the other enzymes broken down there are maltase and lactase? makes since right? ha, right.

i could go on, and on, and on, and on...... and on. but, you get the point. it is literally the most confusing thing ever.

moral of all this is- tomorrow, please do not come. ever.


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