Sunday, June 20, 2010

to my daddy.

well todays a complicated blog. its my moms birthday and its also fathers day. i decided that since anyone who reads this blog already knows how much i love, appreciate, and hope to be like my mom- i would blog to my daddy today. not because i dont have anything to say to my wonderful mother on her birthday, but because i have alot to say to my dad. so happy birthday mom, i love you so much!

i have barely begun typing this blog and i've already teared up because i dont know how i am going to put all i want to say into words.

i love my dad. i have the utmost respect for my dad. my dad is the most incredible man i have ever met.

this past week the Sanford staff guy, Ryan Akers, gave a talk called Position in Christ. the whole talk was about how our view of God affects our actions to God. he really emphasized how many times God is referred to as Father in the Bible and opened his talk by getting us to journal through how we feel about our own father...

....i love my dad so much. he has given me such a perfect way of - or way to understand God as my shepherd. Dad has guided me, provided for me, cared for me, and protected me with everything in him. My dad has NEVER withheld any love for me.... he is so unconditional. ive never once doubted my dads love for me...

thats just a little of what i put down.. and dad its so true. you really have enabled me to have a better understanding of Christ by the way you love me. you have shown me what it means to LOVE my heavenly Father. you have taught me what it means to WANT to respect the name i represent. you have taught me what it means to have a vision, to pursue a passion, to be committed whole heartedly to something, and what it means to love unconditionally. dad you have taught me so much about Christ just by walking faithfully with him over the years. more than i could ever put into words.

whoever my Isaac is has a lot to live up to! i want my children to have a father that loves them like you have loved me. i want my kids to LOVE calling God 'Father' because they have such a beautiful picture set before them by their earthly father.

there has not been one big moment in my life that you have not been there for and i appreciate that so much daddy.

this is by far my most favorite place in the world... in my daddys arms. there is no place that i feel more loved or protected than in your arms. and how blessed am i that i can say that!

you have always supported me in everything. even if it only lasted for like, a month :)
every sporting event, every pep-rally, every birthday, everything..... you've been there.

i laughed when i found this one... my first REAL date! i was so nervous haha. and you were there for that too. laughing and joking with me the whole time dad.

my first school dance.... awkward.

i wish i had pictures on my computer from all the places you have taken me. Alaska, California, all our family vacations.... you have been so selfless over the years to give all 5 of us a childhood that i wouldn't trade for the world.

Dad, i cant wait for all the firsts still to come. i cant wait to see you at the end of the summer and get that hug that i miss so much. i cant wait to finally get to talk to you and know who my Isaac is. i can not wait for you to walk me down the isle. i cant wait for you to move me into my new place at auburn. i cant wait till God puts more trials in my life and i get to have more sit-down talks with you. i cant wait to see you walk Tanner and Luke through life teaching them to be men of God. i cant wait till you get to hold one of my kids and look at them and love them in the way you do Ellie Jane and John. i cant wait to get to heaven and thank God for giving me you. i cant wait to face all the rest that God has in store for you and me to go through.

im just sitting in starbucks crying because i really can NOT wait for these things and more to happen! it would be absolutely impossible for me to put into words how much i love you dad. you have been the perfect shepherd for me, keeping your staff close at hand to protect me.

thank you for the way you have guided me, given me wisdom, raised me, walk with me, fought for me, prayed for me, loved be and provided for me. i will forever be thankful.

i love you daddy and happy fathers day.


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  1. Abby!!! And your dad could be into TOP SECRET stuff if you know what I mean which makes your dad like the coolest dad EVER!!! I read your blog for the first time today and it's so awesome to hear about your adventures at SBP! I know God is going to and is using you in a HUGE way! You have such a way to easily relate to girls and be friends with just about anyone!! I can't wait to read more!