Sunday, May 9, 2010

i love you.

To my wonderful mom, for almost 20 years now, you have poured your heart and soul into my life. you have spent endless hours praying for me, guiding me, and loving me. there is no possible way for me to thank you... but ill try.

many people say that their mom is the best mom in the world.... sorry, but your incorrect because my mom really is, the best. She has loved me in my highs and in my lows and may i remind whoever is reading this of an old children's rhyme...

"there once was a little girl, who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. and when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad... she was horrid!"

continuing. my mom put up with me when i was happy, sad, angry, frustrated, hyper, annoying, immature, heart-broken, excited, frustrated, confused, hurt, over-joyed, disappointed, furious, moody, and many more... this is a huge deal because, who are we kidding, im just kind of an extream person. so it takes someone extra special to love me through all that :)

there has never for a second been a time when i questions my moms love for me. she has shown me unconditional love in so many ways. through every practice she drove me to, every meal she cooked me, every word of wisdom she gave me, to every heart-break she comforted me through, to every piece of clothing she has helped me pick out, to every dream she as encouraged me to follow (and not to follow), to every last time she said, "Abby, I love you". there could never be words that could describe my apprecitation and admiration for all my mom has done for me.

from the day i was born, my mom has been a walking example to me of what a woman after Gods heart looks like....

she has nurtured me not only physically, but she has fed me with wisdom beyond words and taught me to be a fighter...

she has never missed anything. with 5 kids if she couldn't come and physically see me, then she would spend any second she could get helping me prepare. whether it be for ballet, soccer, piano, drama, violrn (haha), basketball, tennis, school dances, dates... you name it. my mom has always been there for me.

my mom is my biggest fan. i don't even know how many hours she has spent driving me to and from events. every time we went to state for tennis, she was there. every time i needed that special dress for a dance, she was there. every time i just needed someone to comfort me and tell me it was going to be ok,she was there. cheering me on through life every step of the way.

i know for a fact, that i would not be half the person i am today if it weren't for you, mom. because of you i know the Lord in a way that i love. and because of you i know how i want to love my children. and because of you i know what it looks like to pour your life out to everyone around you. in your marriage, your relationships with us 5, with your friends, and with the younger women that look up to you--you give everything you are to all of us.

every party we have ever had at our house, you make sure that everyone is fed with only the best food you can cook AND you make it look good. you have given up so much, almost all of, your time just so that we can enjoy growing up.

Philippians 1:27-28
"Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel, and not frightened by anything..."

that may seem like a random verse, but this is how i see you. mom your life has been such a picture of the gospel to me. when i am home, i see it first hand, when im not and i talk to Luke or Tanner or Daddy i know that you are through the words they say. you fight for each of us, all 6 of us, every day. you love us so much. and i know, we all know, that you are fighting for us to know more of the Lord. and mom, i can never thank you enough. happy mothers day. i love you.

...that leads me to the next mother in my family. my big sister.

i am so blessed to have the mom that i have, but i think sometimes i over look the fact that i have the best sister in the world too. honestly, i feel like Linds and i didn't really get that close until 5 or so years ago. but as i (finally) grow up, i gain more respect for her every single day.

Linds, i cannot thank God enough for giving you to me. you have raised the bar so high. i have gotten to see you walk consistently with the Lord since as long as i can remember...

i don't know if you know this (sorry in advance) but when you left and went to college, all your old journals were still in one of our closets. and i happened to stumble across them.... i distinctly remember this happening because i was blown away by what i read (again, sorry haha). i was thinking 'oh yes! im FINALLY gonna get some dirt on her!' but instead, all i got was journal, after journal of your prayers to the Lord. i closed them and thought 'who writes their prayers! i want to know about boys!' haha no just kidding. i don't remember my thoughts on what i read, i just remember sitting their blown away that you prayed that much!

what an example that set for me. after you and Colby had gotten married and moved forever away, i randomly called you one night balling my eyes out while you were at a party or something and instead of calling me back later, you went outside and talked to me, guiding me, until i was ok. and there are so many other times like this that i look back on and see how you were just waiting to take care of me. you always have. you have protected me in ways that i cant put into words.

from the time i was born, you helped raise me. you have spent so much time investing in me and a lot of that time was when you didn't even know i was watching.

you have given me such incredible words of wisdom over the years. but whats so cool is the things that i have learned the most from you have been through your actions. Linds, you are the most giving person i have ever met. i think you get that from mom. you are so selfless and compassionate. i really hope that i learn to be like that. to be like you.

you did my hair in this pictrure... actually your the one that taught me to french braid on your American Girl Doll, Samantha. so i guess your responsible for starting my ridiculous obsession with hair! you have been the perfect big sister to me. teaching me, loving me, and guiding me all the way through.

you are my role model.

Linds, my prayer is that when it comes time for me to be a mom that i would be just like you. watching you with Ellie Jane and Colby and now John, its beautiful. i have never seen someone look so joyful when giving so much of them self away. i love just sitting back and watching you interact with each person in your family. its so obvious that the Lord has blessed you with natural ability to mother. (that sounds weird, but you know what i mean... i just cant figure out the right word) everything a mom should be, patient, compassionate, loving, easy-going, composed... you are exactly that. and i love that about you.

James 1:2
"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only..."

1 John 3:18
"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth"

Linds, that's you. you know the Word so well. and you know the Lord in a neat, deep way. but more than that you live out the Gospel. you are an example to me and so many other young girls of what it looks like to build your family on Christ as the foundation. you are an incredible mom, wife, friend, and sister. i love you so much.

For both mom and Lindsey... i cannot tell you both how much i love you and respect you. i know what it looks like to serve your family in a humble, strong, and graceful waybecause of you both. i know what it looks like to be a wife, a mother, and a friend all in one because of you both. i have learned and am still learning so much from you both. my prayer is that one day i will be able to love my family and devote myself to them in the way that you both have to me. i love you both so much and happy mothers day to the best two moms i know.

Christine, i didn't forget about you. even though your not technically a mom yet, its your first mothers day as a wife. i could not be more thankful that you are a Cunningham. i am so excited to see what all the Lord has in store for you and will. i cant wait for the family yall will build together and i cant wait to learn stuff from watching both of you raise your children. i love you so much.

and Linds... i could resist. war eagle.


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