Friday, September 2, 2011


"study hours" present the perfect block of (roughly) 3 hours to day dream and listen to my fantastic pandora radio station. while listening to a little louis armstrong and mumford, i pintrest and try to put together my dream cabin, ideal wardrobe that would be completely wrong for a cabin, and recipes that never in a million years would i be able to cook. today is a little different though... half my pins have been of fall leaves and dirt roads. maybe because of the stellar weekend me and one of my rooms have planned.


need i say more? cool coffee shops, art galleries, hippy chic people, and live music. its like a dream come true in one sentence. we have been trying to pack our most granola outfits and perfect the road trip playlist all week... both of us have our cameras and ipods fully charged, hippy head bands packed, and cow boy boots ready to boogie. 

bring it on nashvagas, i've heard you're quite the adventure..


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