Friday, September 9, 2011


"everything thats come to pass is set inside the hour glass."
- drew holcomb and the neighbors

if you think about it... thats a pretty cool analogy.

think of how an hourglass is shaped... big then tiny then big.

i think this is pretty accurate whats going on in my heart right now. im in the tiny part right now. growing up, life was huge. i had no real cares in the world except how i looked or what boy was super cute.

and once i really surrendered my heart and life to Christ, things have become more and more narrow. i feel like im in the nitty gritty part of life with the blinders are on. the Lord is showing me so much of who He is and in doing so showing me how little i really know him. as i grow in my understanding of the Lord, he is in turn showing me more and more of my sin and the filth of my heart. the refining part. the molding. the shaving away. i feel like the Lord is taking all that was in my 'big life' and is sifting through it grain by grain- forcing me to look at my intentions, my motives, and ultimately my soul. making me question,

take all these things away, and who is abby?
what are the true desires of my heart?
what am i really made up of?
what am i living for?

but whats so exciting is as i answer these questions, as i stumble my way through all of it... my world will get big again. my understanding of myself and and my standing in Christ will be free to expand. to fill up again. the refining sucks, but the freedom that comes from it is the reward of a full life, knowing who i am, and getting to love life covered by the grace and sovereignty of Christ. after working through those questions, it leads to,

i am abby.
i am redeemed.
i am a daughter of the King.
i am fully confident and complete in Christ.
i am free- utterly free- to love life in the most abby way possible.

life is just an hourglass. and all the stuff in it is what God has ordained as the grains that make us, us. everything that has come to pass in my life, has been set to pass, within my hourglass of a life, since before time. thats cool. and it pumps me up. why? because i am on the bumpy road to utter freedom.

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  1. great analogy, what a great comparison. i especially like the part about going through the nitty gritty parts of life with blinders on. love you abs.