Monday, September 23, 2013

those friday night lights.

this past Friday was big in the Moorer household. really, it was big in the whole town. but all for very different reasons. and all very needed.

the school Jake coaches at had never beaten this school before. everyone was saying that our team, no matter how great their season was going, just played worse against this team. that it would be a miracle if we won. 

so i decked out in our school colors, and insecurely headed to the most overwhelming part of my week. finding where to sit. 

let me tell you, there are few things more intimidating in life than walking up to a football stadium full of complete strangers and trying to decide where to sit! LITERALLY TERRIFYING. 

thankfully, the other coaches wives saw me and waved me down, so that crisis was averted. 

the game began. everyone hopeful, but not expectant. 

i guess when you don't know people to talk to the whole time, you are much more attentive to details... at least that's how it seems to be for me. 

so i sat there, watching the game, watching the cheerleaders (duh), watching the student section, the funny kids in front of me... and watching the coaches wives. 

then the game got interesting. it was one of those games that i think every high school boy dreams of playing in. you know, the underdog with the whole town there, edge of your seat, back and forth kind of game. we would score, then they would score... 

by the 4th quarter, everyone was on their feet. and i mean, everyone. 

and as the clock was ticking down, i looked around and had a very surreal moment. 

i saw the head coaches wife standing there wanting to win this game so badly it was like there was no other purpose to life. another coaches wife was screaming so loud i SWEAR you could have heard her on the other side of town. the coaches wife next to me literally prayed the entire 4th quarter, hardly watching because she was so nervous. all of them wanting this win, seemingly as much as - if not more - than their husbands.

when the clock hit one minute and it was clear we were going to win, the whole stadium, lead by the head coaches wife, ran to the fence, waiting to storm the field.... and then it happened. 

we won.

and this was what happened....

[notice the far left... that's what it is about.]

Jake later found me, and i saw the same look on his face that I did our senior year of high school when we beat Vestavia in the pouring down rain. it was the look of fulfillment.

after all the coaches hard work and planning, the teams practices and film... they did it. they beat their rivals.

on the way home that night I couldn't stop smiling because what i had been praying for since we got here finally happened. 

i understood it all. 

that night, under those Friday night lights, i saw what [one of] my roles as Jake's wife is. and i saw an incredible example of how to carry it out. and beyond that, i saw why. i saw in Jake's eyes the joy that coaching brings him. i saw the fulfillment that he gets by seeing not only his hard work, but the whole teams hard work pay off. 

this past Friday, i feel in love with Jake's vision. 

i thought that i was already100% on board, but apparently i wasn't because i got MORE on board 3 nights ago.

i am so excited to start this unique journey that few people get to take part in... i am so excited to be a coaches wife. 


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