Tuesday, May 3, 2011

im painting canvaaas. (there you go)

there is a clothing line that i LOVE. the mission statement behind it is awesome, the owner, Mrs. Muir-Taylor, is one heck of an incredible woman too. seriously, one of the most godly women i have ever come in contact with. (click HERE to go to the Nations website)

anyways, she has really encouraged me in alot of different ways. all of the clothes that her line makes have verses on the inside as a way to take the Gospel to all different people. i think it is a genius idea.... using the passions that the Lord gives you to further His kingdom? i think yes.

in trying to raise money for thailand i have been blown away by peoples generosity to give. i really am so thankful. i have also been doing alot to try to raise money. one thing that i love doing is painting... so i decided i wanted to somewhat copy Mrs. Muir-Taylors vision and use the that passion and hopefully reach some people with them.

i've been painting things for girls in my sorority, friends... and then using the money for my thailand fund. i decided to put verses on the back of each one and it has been so much fun! i love that it makes me get in the word too..

this is my latest one and i wont lie, im pretty proud!

only 21 more days till our team boards the plane!! i could NOT be more excited.


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  1. Abby, that painting is beautiful! I'm very impressed! :)