Thursday, October 28, 2010

a tripy kind of day.

Well, today has just been a really funny day.

it all started at 5:45 this morning. Yes, i woke up at 5:45. i got a wake-up call from my mom saying 'time to goooo' so i jumped out of bed, confused, because i had forgotten that i was at home. i slept the entire way back to auburn and my mom dropped my off, just like the good ole days, right in front of my class.

so as i start walking into my class, i quickly lose my balance and slip and fall, completely on my butt, in front of TONS of people, and get many "oh that just made my day" looks. i then precede to my Global Consumer Affairs class, which will be the death of me, only to type all my notes and forget to press Save... so i lost them all.

i then remember, 'Oh ya, i am teaching today and forgot i have to rent out instruments!"

so i scurry on over to haley center and rent out "music sticks" then go to the Education Library to rent a CD for the class. after taking up, literally, 30 min of the librarians time, a girl from my class walks in to inform me she checked out the CD and has a burned copy for me.... which she told me in class last week, i had just forgotten. whats new.

so i head out to the school to teach a Pre-K class about Loud and Soft sounds.. and when i ask "what is a really loud sound in nature that you can think of?" one little, very precious, boy says, "ooo ooo ooo pick me! pick me! a butterfly!!" no, im sorry... butterflies are silent. and i had MANY other answers just like that during the entire lesson!

also, while i was in the middle of teaching, another little boy (my personal favorite) raises his hand and says in his cute little voice, "Ms. Cunninham can i go gets some stishus? i gots some buggies!" and sure enough, his finger is COVERED in green boogers. i tried not to laugh, but i couldn't help it.

i then head back to my house to sit down and get some homework done, but fall asleep and take a 4 hour nap. oops. and it wasn't until i put my hands down to sit up that i realized how bad my hands hurt from falling this morning and just started laughing at my ridiculous day.

all that being said, the classroom was incredible. i absolutely loved it. the kids were the cutest little kids i have ever seen. and all they wanted was to the center of attention. i can't wait to have a classroom of my own!


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