Wednesday, September 22, 2010

inspired by life.

well- i have been very inspired to blog lately, but i literally have had no time. so here i am.. finally catching up. so many things have been happening in my heart and in my life. i know this sounds cheesy, but life has been inspiring me to write so much. i have been journaling my really personal thoughts but i just have so much that i dont ever want to forget. its hard to keep up when time is so relentless to slow down. even as im typing im trying to make sure there isn't something better i should be doing with this time. (because everyone knows how great i am at time management....)

this whole post is (as the title infers) me coming to grips that i, and all my friends, are growing up SO fast. it is cra-zyy. my best friend turned 22 this week! and my little brother (who i still picture playing in the mud at age 3) turned 17. what happened to that time?

since i couldn't be home for tanners birthday, this coming weekend is all about him.. im so excited to get to spend alot of time with him and the rest of the fam. but since my bestie was here- i celebrated her 22 years with her.

iz and i have gone through so much together. up and downs just like any other set of best friends. but what i love so much is that we have gotten to really grow up together. yes in the literal meaning but also in maturity. we have been running together since the most immature of our days.. i am so blessed and thankful to have a best friend that i know i can go to and say anything to and she will TOTALLY, 100% understand what im trying to say even when it comes out like another language. we have this joke that "it makes since up there" and thats the only way i can explain my friendship with her.... i could never put it into words- but for the both of us, its simple. we besties. and it makes since to us two... up there! (her turning 22 is reminder # 1 million that time is going way too fast)
Happy 22nd Birthday iz. i love you so much and would be totally lost without you.

speaking of being lost without someone... my mom pulled a major 'mom of the year' for me this past week and it was so fun/meant so much to me. me and some of my friends decided to have over the new baby ZTA's to get to know them better... because our house is ballin' i volunteered to have a pot-luck dinner at my house. so we did what every kid these days does to make something official- we sent out the good ole facebook group invite and all picked something to bring.

i then, of course, call my mom in a frantic tizzy because after volunteering to make her oh-so-delicious mexican lasagna, i realize i have no flippin idea how to even begin making that dish. she, being the most amazing mom i know, just decided to make it a day trip and come cook with me. it was great. i got to spend most of the afternoon with her teaching me her tricks and recipes and how to take care of left overs... it was so fun! (and reminder #2 million and 1 that i am growing up way too fast)

this is the kitchen after being taken over by my mom and i... i must brag here for a second and say it was the best dang mexican lasagna i've had yet and all my friends kept telling me what a fantastic cook i was. to which i just chuckled and said, 'thank my mom!'

mom- thanks so much for coming down. it meant so much to me :)

ever since then though i have this idea stuck in my head that im freakin Betty Crocker. i cant go into the kitchen without wanting to cook something. its ridiculous. and keep in mind- i am in college, in a house with 8 girls, and absolutely zero cooking supplies. so when i decide i want to cook something it is quickly overruled because that means 1 of 3 things...

1. i have to go out and buy about $35-40 dollars worth of stuff to even be able to make it
2. i will dirty up the kitchen, which means i have to clean it
3. i will have to eat all of it at one sitting because i never remember that i have leftovers.

or all of the above.

however. i have found 1 thing that i can make, feel like im a profesh cook while making it, that can be easily devoured by 1 to 3 girls within 5 min and seems to always spark good conversation.... introducing my friend guac.

i love making it. i like to pretend that i am Rachel Ray on my own cooking show. i can chop, mix, pinch this, and tid-bit that, all i want... i legit get so into it. its actually pretty embarrassing. but i really do go all out... i went to kroger (where i saved $10.53 from my kroger card... im SO proud) and got fresh avocados, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and limes and made my own little concoction....
i chopped me up some bell peppers and baby tomatoes...

...and mixed till my little heart was happy and then pigged. out.

something so fun that i did this week was go and see Easy A. go see it. it is SO funny! katie, iz, and i went and saw it and not only was it hilarious, but the whole experience was pretty eventful. iz and i got there early to save seats and katie was going to meet us there. well you know how there are always those people that decide to be the most difficult people on the planet? well they ALL got together and decided to be in 1 movie theater all at the same time. it was ridiculous.

of allllll the seats in the theater, this group of girls come and plops right in front of iz and i where we CLEARLY have our feet. then another group of girls comes and sit directly next to me. and i get stuck next to sickly sally who is blowing her nose every 3 minuets while also chomping on her popcorn which she so conveniently kicks over, quite loudly, half way through the movie. it was wooounderful.

really though- it was so funny because iz and i were just being rude and ridiculous right back. im surprised there was no fight.

(speaking of fighting- i got a personal trainer. i want to fight her because i am so sore.)

on a more serious note- the Lord has been so faithful to me. just within these past 2 weeks i have felt so close to the Lord. he has provided thing after thing that has reminded me of his great goodness. through the relationships i have with so many dear friends, to small encouragement's throughout this week, to just really sweet times in the Word with Him... he continues to reveal himself to me in new and neat ways.

he continues to bring people in my life that i am so incredibly thankful for. if you know me at all- you know relationships run my life. i am ALL ABOUT the relationship with a person. and the Lord has seriously blessed me with the most incredible relationships. with new friends, old friend, and life-long friends that seem almost like family. i have gotten to be so encouraged while skyping with my far-away friends, challenged by talking with my new friends, and i have just been so content with everything. the Lord really is so good.

there is only one area in my life right now that is anything but peaceful. there is this huge piece of my heart busting at the seem to unleash itself but it cant and i dont know how or when it will be able to. lately the Lord has given me such a desire to go overseas. i want to GO. i want to go so bad. i want to take a stand in my faith and get cultural experience. i want to get out of this bubble that i have known my whole life. i want to be rudely awakened. i want to experience life as i've never known it. i want to taste, i want to see, i want a tangible grasp, i want new colors, i want new sunsets, i want new faces... i want a new culture. i want to be 100% immersed in the cultural identity of something i have never even dreamed of. i want to get out and go. and i am praying that the Lord shows me where and how because i feel like i am going to suffocate if i dont get out...

welp. thats a recap on this crazy life of mine. 'till next time.....


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