Tuesday, September 7, 2010


for our long weekend i got to go to the lake with some awesome, awesome friends. it was so much fun and a much needed break.

the whole weekend we just hung out and enjoyed getting to laugh with each other and catch up. half of us go to auburn and the other half go to samford... i love weekends like these when i get to be with the people i love regardless of how far (or not far) we live from each other.

it was so fun just laying out, dancing on the dock, telling each other funny stories, encouraging each other in Christ, and just having a girls weekend.

we also got to watch the gorgeous sunset together and soak in the beauty of that. so of course we had to throw what we know.....

my all time favorite of the weekend was that night. 4 of us went out on the roof, laid on a quilt, looked at the starts and just talked.

so many girls i have talked to recently have said "i just wish....", "i know but if i could just...", and my personal favorite "if i were just there though..." i say those lines about 8 trillion times a day. and this weekend was so good for me to be reminded that God has me and my friends exactly where he wants us.

i miss my friends that go to other schools alot. and so many times i play the what if game and think of how much easier it would be if i "were just there"... but the truth is that doesn't matter. God has me and those friends in the place that he wants me to be.

this night (in the picture below) reminded me of that. the Lord has provided me with incredibl friends here at auburn and i am SO blessed to be here- with them. and weekends like this past one are great to get to be reunited with other dear friends, but i cannot forget the incredible friends that i have with me day in and day out.

i cant wait to see what else the Lord has in store for me and all my friends.. here or at other colleges. and i cant wait for another lake trip!! (hint hint Nay Nay)


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