Tuesday, July 6, 2010

brief update.

i have been so super busy lately and have ad no time to sit down and blong. and to be honest, i've missed it! and even now i only have about 20 more minuets before i have to be somewhere else so this will be a short one.

we have been having SO much fun!! i feel like we are all just going, going, going but i love it! i am absolutely loving my girls more and more each day.

we have hit the half way mark and its pretty obvious. everyone (at least in my room) is exhausted. but its been so fun because even though the newness of being at project has worn off, we are still having just as much fun being with each other. i really am so thankful for the girls the Lord put in my room.... so heres an update on project life!

we had out employee social the other week and it was great! there was lots of dancing, games, and just hanging out with everyone we work with. i hadn't even started work yet so i just mooched off of everyone else's employes and pretended like they were mine!

the 4th was SO much fun!! we got to go over to a Samford guys house and hang out... allllll day. his family was so awesome. they cooked us lunch and dinner! for free!! and we got to go out on their boat to Crab Island, ride jet skiis, swim, and just hangout. that night a group of us got to go to the pier and watch fire works.... again, it was SO much fun!

these lovely ladies and i had alot fun at their house taking pictures.... some of them were HILARIOUS. so far i have taken over 1,300 pictures! ridiculous, i know.

my parents came in town this past weekend and i was so freakin excited!! i didn't realize just how much i had missed them. it was so fun to get to just chill with my family. one night my mom cooked food for everyone and my dad got the UFC fights and a bunch of project people came over and relaxed. it is always so nice to have free food and a clean place!

another fun thing from this week was the social!! it was "High-school Cliques" and my room was the Foreign Exchange Students.... it. was. awesome. we got so many funny looks and had an absolute blast!!

one of my favorite things about project is just the community. i have gotten so close with the girls here and have learned so much from each of them. its been so neat to see how God has used each of us to help one another even though alot of our stories are so different. its been a true picture of what the body of Christ should look like... im really going to miss it.

this is Salon220. i love that Lynze and i have this in common. we are beautifying project one head of hair at a time! haha

this is one of the highlights of my day. for real. courtney is in the process of teaching me lots of nursing skills..... this one in particular is so fun! haha.. taking out her contacts. i must say, ive gotten pretty good!

i am SO proud of my girls for this one. while i was out, some of my girls got our neighbors underwear and strung them up across our parking lot. it was absolutely hilarious. they had some whitey tighteys, boxer briefs, and even some cute little basket ball boxers! they guys weren't as ammused as we were though....

Prayer Requests:
- over all these past 2 weeks have been incredible. alot of us are exhausted and some what sick. pray that we learn to pace ourselves and that the Lord would keep the sickness from spreading any.
- now that everyone has been working we have begun or have already established relationships with our co-workers. pray that God opens doors for spiritual conversations and that each of us would have boldness to really proclaim truth to each of them
- lastly pray for heart changes. now is, like i said, when the newness has worn off and reality starts to set in. this is when people start annoying people, feelings get hurt, the hard questions really start, but also when God really works. pray that each of us here would have a heart of teachability and humility.... and eagerness to see sin so that we can in turn see more of Jesus.

i wish i could go more into depth about what all God has been teaching me, but i just dont have time today.... more to come soon!!


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