Tuesday, March 27, 2012

monday funday.

summary of yesterday?

perfect. peaceful. needed. fun. relaxing. funny. nostalgic. deep. adventurous. really needed. memorable. encouraging. worshipful. awesome. good. did i say perfect?

so my great friend texted me sunday night and simply said: "Horses and kayaking are a must. maybe fishing. bring your camera, jeans, and a swimsuit. and your party pants. ill pick you up at 11:15..." i mean, is there a sentence out there that sounds more awesome?! i think not.

this is how the day got started...

we kayaked all down House Creek and met quite an interesting man. we could tell you his entire life story, literally, but couldn't give you his name.

i mean, it really doesn't get any more beautiful.

then a little more exploring...

then some breath-takingly beautiful dirt roads..

and a mesmerizing field...

and then.... i got to ride sweet June. OH MY GOODNESS it was so much fun.

and then... i sat on their fence.... and it broke.

and this is how the day ended...
i am one happy girl and feeling so blessed by all the amazing people i have surrounding me.


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