Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it just aint my thang.

this is how i have felt all week...
(ps. how PRECIOUS is this picture!? so. much. joy.)
you know how some people are like 'ya, im just not a school person...'? well, they dont know what they are talking about. i, i am NOT a school person. i just want to hang out with people and love on people all day. let me just tell you how much i LOVE not having school work to do! this has been the most phenomenal week because i have had NO SCHOOL WORK to stress about! i. love. it.

i have gotten to sit and enjoy lunch with some awesome friends and not worry about looking over notes, i have gotten to go watch wedding crashers and modern family while stuffing my face with cookies only then to head to the river with some friends and go midnight swimming (yes, i think i might have gotten hypothermia... totally worth it), i have gotten to run because i wanted to and not because if i didn't i would literally go insane, i have gotten to wake up when i want and cook breakfast, drink my coffee in my pj's and spend time with Jesus, i have gotten to go thrifting, AND i have gotten to skype with some pretty baller people.

that is a whole paragraph of awesomeness that doesn't get to happen when school does. so, i have a proposition! there should be 1 week every month where college is college, but with no school. i know, i know... CRAZY! but, just think about it for a bit and then get back to me. i really think we are on to something here!


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