Wednesday, October 26, 2011

get out of my way.

do you ever get swamped with stuff so you start making list after list to manage getting it all done? well, i dont usually, but these next few weeks i am... starting yesterday. i came to the library tonight with 5 very specific things i was going to get done. i was going to come, get them done as efficiently as i could, then get the heck out of here.

then, the Holy Spirit got in my way.

i was leaving the computer with a stack of papers (freshly hole-punched and stapled mind you) in my hands, b-lining it for the 4th floor to the quiet zone. i have an outline to get done, so people you betta move outta my way.

as i was briskly walking off, i hear someone call my name. i turn around and put on my best stressed-out-so-stay-away face and say oh. hey.

they dont take the hint and precede to tell me about an incredible conversation they had with one of their muslim friends the night before. the whole time they are talking, all i can think about is 'would you take 5 seconds and realize that i have things to do and dont give a crap about what you are saying right now?!'

and then.... boom. conviction central.

i never want to get so consumed with my check list, my pointless, stupid, to-do list that i see the Holy Spirit as an inconvenience to my day.

i began to pray that the Lord would give me the ability to, for once in my life, compartmentalize and block out my list of things that i had to do, and listen to my friend as they poured out their heart.

the Lord is so sweet. what encouragement, what challenges they presented me with, and what light was shown to me in those 10 min. the Lord interrupted my day, and though i begged for Him to get out of the way, He, in His great goodness, showed me more of Himself and gave me a sweet reminder of how powerful the Gospel is.

i am so thankful that the Gospel is good news.


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