Monday, February 21, 2011


this weekend was all about one thing: grandmoms 80th birthday!!

it was so great getting to have the whoooooole family together to celebrate having her in our lives for so long!

we all love you so much grandmom:)

ellie jane did this for forever! she would fill the cup a little bit, go give it to someone (that she knew of course) and then would go back and do it again. it was so funny!

something me and grandmom definitely have in common is that we LOVE presents! and the bigger, usually the better haha

big john was so fun. he is SUCH a sweet boy. i really can't wait to get to see his personality come out more and more as he contnues growing. i also love getting to take pictures of the kids...

he is soo close to walking!!

i love little babies curiosity. i hope to never grow out of mine.

ellie jane was in no mood for pictures.. these two were the best we could get of her!

still- the prettiest baby girl. hands down. i love my little squirt.

aunt bebe, i always love getting to see you. you inspire me so much.

and for mom...
this is the before picture. i feel like it is very symbolic of my life right now. an analogy, whats new! this is me trying to build my gingerbread house on my own. and below....

the after!! (mom aren't you proud?! i vacuumed and everything!) this is what i know it (it being my life) would look like if i would fully surrender to the Lord. im working on that one though....


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