Sunday, November 7, 2010

um, whats a skillet.

i love weekends. i love them because i finally have time to do what i want. if i want to sleep, i can. if i want to paint, i can. if i want to study (which i never want too...), i can. and if i want to do nothing, i can! so this weekend was one of those were i just wanted to chill... and chill i did. my friend, katie, and i decided we were not going to do anything friday night but hang out on the couch and it has been one of my most favorite nights here yet.

i found this awesome blog called The Noble Pig and it has some baller recipes on it that are pretty easy. i love it. so katie and i decided to cook a good dinner and watch a good movie.... we found this recipe called Noodle Pie and it was SO good.

we boiled our pasta, browned our meet, crushed our own garlic.... the whole shebang. the dish looked really cool because the noodles stood straight up. funny story.. as we were stacking them in there we kept eating the noodles too and then we realized we probably shouldn't have done that.....

So we had to open another box of noodles and boil 12 more.... it was pretty funny.
another funny thing that happened... when we finished browning the meat i told katie "i know theres something we are supposed to do about the fat but i cant remember" and she was like "ya my mom always does something with a paper towel? ...i dont really know" and that was how alot of the night went... trying to remember what to do from what we had seen our moms doing all growing up.

my personal favorite was when i asked katie to hand me a skillet to start the meat in and all i hear is a long pause and finally katie goes, "uhhh, whats that again?"

but we made it through it and anded up with a gourmet meal!! this was what it looked like when we were all done! we both were so proud of it!
it was seriously so yummy!!! (i dont know if you can see it in this picture, but after you make the meat sauce, you pour it on top and then stuff it into the center of each noodle. so its this whole dish of stuffed noodles with melted cheese on top... Mmmm)
and dont worry mom, thats sparkling grape juice:)

after eating our de-lish dinner, we plopped on the couch to watch 500 Days of Summer and paint. it was such a fun, relaxing, chill night with some great friends!!



  1. way to go! that looks yummy! i'll have to make it sometime.

  2. you should!! and check out that blog... it has some recipes that look SO good!