Wednesday, November 17, 2010

things i love.

with this rainy weather, its really gotten me in a sentimental mood. i dont know why. i guess because in every movie its raining when they have enlightening moments or break downs or whatever. anyways- the rain has brought more than just the cold, its brought a very happy mood for abby with it! so going into this thanksgiving break there are ALOOOOOT that i will be thankful for. some of which i can share, and others i cant. but of what i can, i thought i would!

things that i love:
my family. duh. they're the bomb diggity. being at auburn. with an 11-0 season haters! (cam and i are getting married. just so every knows. the save the dates will come out soon.) all my new friends. in auburn, from this summer, and everywhere else, getting to go to Thialand!! (blog about that to come soooooon) peppermint hot chocolate and scarves, sweet potatoe casserole, cowboy boots, being done with my nutrition class, seeing the Lord be faithful in yet another season of my life, skype so i can stay in touch with all my crazy friends, good music (mumford and sons, vitamin string quartet, andrew belle, the civil wars, rihanna, band perry... just to name a few), letters from friends in the mail, pictures. duh. fall smelling candles, my bike, a sweet new journal i got, BBQ house with the ginster, ZTA, good quotes, my bestie, painting, stumbleupon, the leaves changing, aubie, coke zero....

i could keep going. there are so many small things that i am genuinly so thankful for! and there are so many HUGE things that i could not thank the Lord enough for. theres really no point to this blog except to say that i am so blessed and so thankful for all the Lord is doing in my heart and life. i think we all have alot to be thankful for this season!


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