Tuesday, August 17, 2010

catching up.

its been too long! so much has been going on these past 2/3 weeks that i have had NO time to just sit down and reflect. Project finished up, i came home to unpack then repack, came down to auburn for my first rush week, and now school starts....tomorrow!! life needs to slooow down!

there is so much i have to blog about i just dont know where to start...

something that has been so fun about being back is having friends here in auburn that went through the same things as me this summer. that were challenged and pushed, that are coming to school with a lot of convictions for ministry with way too many opportunities to know which ones to take and alot of other things....

last year coming back, one i was just at a really bad place in my heart, but i also had a hard time adjusting to a new place, with alot of new things spiritually that i didn't fully understand yet... now i still have things going on in my heart that im working through, but i have great friends that have seen me fight and grow all summer and are here to really push me to continue to do the same. and its my prayer that i can do the same for them.

elizabeth, also know as iz, went this summer and that has been such a huge blessing. we already spend ATON of time together and now having this summer in common, those friends in common, and just that time of growth in common, is something that i really am so thankful for. the Lord has already used her to help me with a couple situations and allowed her to really speak truth into my life. its been great!

when project ended i left with alot on my heart. i was nervous about coming back to auburn and super nervous about rush week. i really didn't know that many girls in my sorority, i had 1 day to move in... there was just alot i was nervous about. but the Lord went above and beyond.

rush week was cray cray. o my goodness. it was like a huge blur of screaming. one day i was in the chapter room for 19 hours straight... it was insanity! buuuut, it was so. much. fun. i got to know so many girls really well and get closer to the girls i already knew.. the whole summer the Lord had really put my sorority on my heart and some specific things to pray for. by the end of rush, the Lord answered all 4 of my specific prayer request and used certain conversations to really encourage me in the other things i was praying for. it was SO neat to see the Lord provide for me in that way. i really needed that encouragement, and now i am so unbelievably excited to start this semester and see what all the Lord has in store for me and some of my friends.

speaking of this semester... i changed my major. today. class starts... um... tomorrow. should be interesting. i spent all day running errands trying to get classes, get fingerprints done, get a background check (hahaha), and there is still aton i dont have ready. like books. i dont have one book yet!

(its funny because i keep telling people im so excited about this semester and their response is 'Oh really? do you have fun classes?' and i laugh because it just doesn't dawn on me that school is what most people think about when they move back to school.... when i say im excited about this semester an accurate interpretation of that would be... i am so excited about ZTA functions, road trips, concerts, new friends, fun adventures with old friends, lake trips, new pictures, new memories... and i guess im excited about taking classes but thats only because that means im that much closer to being done with school! haha.)

anyways.. when i left project they got us to write a paragraph summarizing our summer, then a sentence, then a word. my word for this summer was rebuilt. thats what the Lord did, he rebuilt me.

the Lord has really used my time in college to break me down and show me where i had been putting my identity for so long. and this summer, after tearing down every wall, i really feel like God laid my foundation and started building me up in the way the He has created me to be. i dont have any question of who i am, or what i should be like, or how i should act... the thing my dad has told me for years has never been more understandable than now- there is freedom within the law.

im so, so, SO excited to explore everything possible this semester and to pour myself out totally and completely in everything i do because i know my position in Christ and because of that im completely free.


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