Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 lives?

i've decided i need 9 trillion lives to do everything i want to do or be everything i want to be. but i only have 1.... so you tube and pictures will have to suffice.

i want to be able to DANCE... like REALLY dance.
i want to be a traveling PHOTOGRAPHER
i want to be a MAKEUP-ARTIST
i want to be a MUSICIAN
i want to be a crime scene INVESTIGATOR (specifically abby... the character)
i want to be on BROADWAY
i want to go SKYDIVING in Ireland
i want to paint a picture of the GRAND CANYON.... a picture that i took..
so i want to go to the grad canyon
i want to HITCHHIKE somewhere... haven't decided where yet
(haha that was for those who are actually still looking at the links...)
i want to BACKPACK across Europe
i want to go to INDIA... so bad.
i want a HUSKY
i want to be on the RED CARPET... in this gown.
i want to have a whole day outside with absolutely NOTHING to do
i want to SCUBA DIVE in New Zealand
i want to be RIHANNA for a day
i want to ride a HOT AIR BALLOON over Cape Town... hahahah yes, i still want to despite that picture.
i want a BIG family.... hahaha

see. i need more lives.


1 comment:

  1. I love you abby haha not one of these surprises me!! I'll go skydiving with you ok??? And I could TOTALLY see you rocking that white dress too.. miss you!