Monday, April 23, 2012


this is what i feel like doing.
right now.
in the middle of the silent floor of the library.

so today has been..... AWESOME.

-i found out i will indeed, pass college!!!!!! i got a 73 on my Econ test and no, you do not have ANY idea what a massive deal this is.
- i have completely finished my 25 page paper for "my favorite class ever"
- i have also completely finished my MASSIVE life-folio, also for "my favorite class ever"
- i am done with MASSIVE project that i have for another class tomorrow that was A COMPLETE waste of time
- i get to see Jake in 10 days
- today was my LAST MONDAY OF SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
- and THIS is the biggest news of all, but im not sure if i am at liberty to disclose it yet, so i'll just keep you on the edge of your seat.

hope your Monday is this much of a funday!

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