Sunday, July 3, 2011

the fence of freedom.

my dad once explained it to me kinda like this:

when you become a christian, there is a fence of protection that immediately comes up around you. many people see this fence as a restriction- but they are wrong. the fence is their ultimate freedom. i am the animal inside. within the fence i have total, complete, 100% freedom. i can go as close to the fence as i want and as close to the center as i want. and as long as i stay within that fence, i am free. but, the second i step foot outside of that fence, i am - instantaneously - free for any dangers of this world to attack and devour me. i then become dinner for every animal outside of the fence that is hungry. and they are viscously hunting for food. and if i see the predators coming, i am not only welcomed but warned to come back into that fence where they have no power or ability to harm me.

the fence is the law of God. i am the sinner inside. the temptations of this world are my predators.

for me, i like to wear the grass out that is right by the fence. but because of that, i am so quick to try the grass on the other side... without realizing it, i have been viewing the fence as a restriction on my life. God has humbled me of that recently and shown me the sin in my thinking.

isaiah 60:18
"violence shall no more be heard in your land,
devastation or destruction within your borders;
you shall call your walls Salvation,
and your gates Praise."

satan will no longer have that hold on me. he will no longer have the power to devastate and destruct my heart from knowing more of my Father. i beg that the Lord would continue showing me that His walls, His fence is a fence of freedom. a fence of salvation! praise His name for the grace He covers us in.

"in a clear understanding of the resurrection, we receive the freedom to change! not like a tornado changes things, but like a grain of sand is changed within a clam. change into something beautifully significant and treasured."
-Andy Lewis


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  1. You are such a wonderful writer and communicator of the gospel. Thank you. Love you!